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imagine kid!sherlock getting picked on at school for being so ‘odd’, coming home with bruises on his skin and on his heart almost everyday

imagine kid!sherlock’s mum and dad getting him a little puppy, sherlock’s only best friend, whom he calls redbeard, and everyday sherlock…

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This is ingenious.

mcdonalds needs to do this


okay but I’m actually really scared that the lid of the drink is going to come off or something

//the way this works is that it stops about 2 inches above the top (the hole only big enough to go that far without ripping) so you  wouldn’t have to worry about the lid coming off!

it’s really a brilliant idea. it cuts down on the amount of materials used,  and space it takes up. all around good engineering.

from the looks of it it might be recycled materials too? if not then it should be.

it frees up your other hand from having to carry your drink but also doesn’t shove the cold drink next to the warm food


This is the definition of innovation, no amount of sleeves on a blanket can beat this.

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Happy Birthday to Louise Jameson, who played Fourth Doctor companion, Leela!

Happy Birthday, Louise! 

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Came across this Hallmark card at Walgreens tonight.. I had to do a double take. First time I’ve seen a lesbian Mother’s Day card. :)

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“Of course he’s saying ‘I love you’, of course he is. Even though we can’t hear it, of course he’s saying ‘I love you’” Julie Gardner

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That time Peter Parker was trained by Natasha Romanoff. 

It’s a spider thing

It’s a spider thing

Don’t you love how Peter can do it with his calves but Natasha has to use her inner thighs. This whole equality thing is great.

Thighs are stronger than calves, and you can get a tighter grip, as well as have a higher chance of breaking things. Peter was intending to disarm, Natasha was ready to kill. Natasha is a trained assassin, and Peter is a student who works for a newspaper.
Given their backgrounds and experiences, it would be UNequal to have Peter using skills and disarming tactics that Natasha was trained to do so.

So yes, this whole equality thing is great.


This post is brilliant.

also peter has bALLS OK you dont want to SLAM YOUR FUCKING TESTICLES into someons fucking SKULL 

Reblogging for last comment. Laughing for 3257865 years

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Easter greetings from the Barrowman - Casey - Murray clan :)

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